Retailers Slash Prices In Desperate Bid For Sales

December 26th, 2008 by ConsumerBob

As stores offered rock-bottom prices and extended return policies, shoppers returned to the malls the day after Christmas. But many were on the hunt for big bargains on specific items or hoping to return unwanted gifts — not looking to splurge. Many retailers opened before 6 a.m., offering deals like 50 percent to 75 percent […]

Shoppers Bring Haggling Skills To Malls

December 22nd, 2008 by ConsumerBob

If you’re looking for an extra bargain before the holidays, you may only have to ask. With holiday sales shaping up to be the lowest in years, possibly the worst since the industry began annual comparisons in 1969, retailers say they’re taking consumers’ demands for good deals seriously.

Holiday Shoppers Rush To Malls, Hunt For Bargains

December 21st, 2008 by ConsumerBob

Christmas is four days away, Hanukkah starts Sunday night, and that means last-minute shoppers are running out of time to find the perfect gift for their friends and loved ones.